Friday, September 11, 2015

New Mazda 2: Full Features and Tempting

New Mazda 2: Full Features and Tempting!: Mazda 2 going before making the more settled model  as the point for 10 years, this time would prefer not to miss with some great car brands, for example, Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz. case, Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz. Basic changes in the free ​​mazda New Mazda  2.

With the name "Demio" in Japan, Mazda offering a considerable measure of new things on a few sides, in an indistinguishable route from the outside, inside, and many individuals more components that  turn into the primary weapon of thein 2015. New Mazda 2: Full Features and Tempting Design Enchanting grille ascended as one of the.

Carrying the type of lively, air movement advanced and important youngster once, the All-New Mazda 2 has all the earmarks of being a mind-boggling  contender for cars other leader hatchback. They say this car will soon get to be real outlaw in 2015.

New Mazda 2: Full Features and Tempting


Enchanting grille rose as one of the weapons "pellets" for prospective peminangnya. Grille which was propelled practically at the same time with the new dialect as 'zoom-zoom' is formed by the firm and vivacious Mazda logo  'zoom-zoom' is molded by the firm and lively Mazda logo embellished amidst its grille.

New Mazda 2
Front lamp of New Mazda 2 additionally looks "more keen" than the Mazda 2, which some time prior publicized by Mazda. Turn sign secured some more than the  past version.


The fundamental weapon of the New Mazda 2 one of them originating from the engine SKYACTIVE which as far as anyone knows has an average level of sufficiency. With a 4-chamber  motor 1.496cc size, the car is thought to be the perfect city car that is thrifty yet capable. considering the drive of this auto accomplishes 115hp. New Mazda 2: Full Features and Tempting!:

New Mazda 2
New Mazda 2: Full Features and Tempting!: Extraordinary, Mazda give decision to customers about the decision of the transmission of theNew Mazda 2. Mazda gives the decision of 6-rate manual transmission or customized transmission  -Speed​​.

With contenders like the Ford Fiesta Ecoboost have and vicinity of CVT in the Honda Jazz, the probability of between urban fuel usage of the New Mazda 2 could keep running between  15-18 km/ liter.

Huge is as an afterthought of the edge. A little impression of tribal joinedto the wheels add a rich vibe to the combine of Dunlop tires were used as pulverizing dark top.

New Mazda 2
Relatively, the fundamental type of the old Mazda 2 is not greatly messed with, aside from the tail light and front grille. Since basically, the New Mazda 2 itself starting now looks  prepared with "layout" Mazda 2 awhile ago.


Soul of a New Mazda 2 is the gimmick. With a richness of features, it would be a bit youngsters of this nation are pulled in to New Mazda 2. i-Activesense be the watchman of this SKYACTIVE engined car.

New Mazda 2
New Mazda 2 is likewise furnished with a head-up presentation as 'Dynamic Driving Display'. The estimation of this quirk Satui  is demonstrating the way, the velocity and the other without making the driver's regard for the need to move in a substitute bearing. All things considered, Mazda transformed into the first on a hatchback

New Mazda 2: Full Features and Tempting Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: LONG VAN


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